Spring Fever Dreaming: Melissa Coturno + Viktor & Rolf Collab 2021

viktor & rolf collab

Spring 2021 is lurking upon the horizon! Lately here in Southern California, we have been experiencing spring rain drops. While it is certainly true that Southern California doesn't experience rain. You should allow more options into your wardrobe aside from just a hoodie.

Melissa Coturno + Viktor & Rolf Collab

Vegan combat boots Viktor & Rolf

That was when I came across a dope vegan collab with Melissa Coturno and Victor & Rolf. Spring 2021 boots are perfect for the wet weather days of Spring! These combat, patent shiny, style boots bring back life, versus  traditional rain boot wellies. With the Viktor & Rolf signature "Flower Bomb" emblem. Plus, an accented touch of Y2K trend (check out the glitter boots).

Viktor & Rolf Collab Boots

Blue combat boots

Best of luck grabbing a pair of these, they're sold out! That is why this post is a Spring Fever Dream!


photo credit: https://www.shopmelissa.com/c/viktor-rolf/m-us-coll-vikt


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