Polvere e detriti: How I decided to purchase a $1 euro home

During June of 2020, after I submitted my application to the commune of Cinquefrondi, Italy. About three weeks had passed, when I received a reply(remember they're replying to thousands of emails).  I had made it past the first round of interest, of the $1 euro homes. I really delved into, how can I execute a plan of action, to make this into reality. I simply started researching online about the inexpensive properties in Europe. So I spent the majority of summer 2020, watching Youtube of expats, or home renovations, in Italy. Throw in some HGTV as well (haha).

Por El Mundo Voy Cinquefrondi

Por El Mundo Voy, a travel blog, was one of the few travelers that had the opportunity to make into  Cinquefrondi while travel was being restricted during quarantine. The family toured the area and  homes that are located in the historical district.  Here is the actual footage of  the $ 1 euro homes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csIyFEcstAE.

Dauvo Italian Real Estate Youtube

One of the best youtube Italian property channels is from a guy named Dauvo https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzrgaqLvKumVaAL5DkN2VzA. He travels to different inexpensive properties around Italy. There are a few episodes, where he is in contact with a local real estate agent, to give the exclusive preview of homes. Dauvo is highly informative, and uses his own personal experience of home buying in Italy. Providing steps on how to purchase property, auctions of property, plus legal and tax references.


An additional youtube channel I explored was from Karl Pierre of ETNP LIFE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV0pnsXDoYpaY6b83hJ1OSA. This channel features a guy who purchased a premium inexpensive home in Sicily.  He managed to be in Sicily pre-pandemic in late Winter. He ends up purchasing two premium  homes! Now what's a premium or superior home? These are homes that need less renovation than a euro home. Check out Karl's channel to learn more about  how he purchased a premium or superior home.

Super Savvy Travelers

Last but not least, Chris from Super Savvy Travelers https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJegXXNSlH-jhzfi04_rrHg, centered around Santa Domenica is located in the Calabria region, north of Cinquefrondi. Chris has expertise in real estate renovations and highly suggests to retire in a laid back place in Southern Italy.

 Here are just a few resources, I used in assisting me with my decision to move forward with the purchase of the $1 euro home. I will be sharing more of the experience in the future!

 Photo credit: Instagram.com

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