From Farm To Your Skin: Nani Pua

Nani Pua

If you’re a clean beauty product consumer (like myself), you definitely need to know about Nani Pua

Nani Pua is sourced sustainably with their ingredients organically grown on their own farm. Along with their packaging derived from hemp. 

I recently got the opportunity to try their luxury 1960 ethnobotanical face oil serum. This serum glides on perfect, as it absorbs into the skin. With a delicate light, soft aroma, without left over oily residue.

Serums help the skin with premature aging, highly important for graceful aging.


Authentic luxury made with the finest organic ingredients,

(Ingredients can be found at this link

There are numerous luxury skincare products, which contain water based ingredients including toxins, which some consumers are unaware of. 

Nani Pua stands out in the luxury skin brand, with their transparency. 

Visit, to purchase and learn more about this amazng brand!



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