Blossoming Blouses : Glase

glase upcycled fashion made in france

Sustainable upcycled French fashion label Glase. Can upgrade your perfect Spring style. The emerging brand, curates their garments built to last. Made transparently, with the use of fine natural fabrics. Glase's founder Morgane Cassin, incorporates sustainability by scouring France's markets from artisan shops to fashion houses. 

glase upcycled fashion made in France

Glase's current collection is detailed with romantic and modern. Combining hours of time, transitional from day to evening.  Glase exemplifies superb detail of the reworked fabrics, to design intricate pieces.

glase upcycled fashion made in France

Glase's various designs, give you blouse options. Giving you outfit choices, which can be worn with either a skirt, shorts, or pants.

Clean white blouses with frills, what more can you ask for this Spring!

glase upcycled fashion made in France

Shop these gorgeous blouses now at https://glase.fr/ 

*Photo credit: https://glase.fr/

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